Spring Raffle 2021

Poster for EWC Spring Raffle 2021We are trying to raise funds to cover the extra costs of Clinical Supervision for our counselling service. This need has grown in the last year with more and more women needing support for a range of reasons from the effects of the lock-down such as isolation, loneliness, etc. through to the rise in violence. Clinical Supervision is a requirement for all counselling services; we have a team of 10 counsellors we need to ensure receive adequate supervision to enable them to provide a good service to our clients.

Enfield Women’s Centre Spring Raffle 2021
Draw to take place Friday 4th June 2021
Buying and paying for Raffle Tickets.
• Tickets are £5 each.
• Pick numbers between 1 and 200.
• Payment is by way of PayPal.
• Please state the numbers you would like.
Please contact Marylyn Spencer at The Enfield Women’s Centre for details on how to pay.
Email: info@enfieldwomen.org.uk
Facebook Messenger: Marylyn Spencer
Tel: 020 8351 8934 – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10.30 to 4.00
You will receive a response within 24 hours.
Thank you for taking part and for supporting The Enfield Women’s Centre.